Royal Ballet of Cambodia

The cultural festival Season of Cambodia introduces New York City to the ancient arts of a Southeast Asian kingdom and to its contemporary artists working in visual arts, dance, theater and performance art. This April and May, you can get a taste of Cambodia in more than 30 favorite cultural spots around the city, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Le Poisson Rouge.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is known for the greatest architectural wonder of Southeast Asia—the temples of Angkor Wat—and for one of the most horrific periods of civil war and genocide in modern times, the five-year reign of the Khmer Rouge (1974-79) during which nearly a quarter of the population perished. Nearly 90 percent of the country’s artists and intellectuals were purposefully persecuted and killed. Today, the country has less than two times the number of New York City residents and half the population is less than 25 years old.

The festival not only celebrates Cambodia’s art with exhibits and performances, but using talks and symposiums, examines the role art and culture plays in the social, economic and emotional rebuilding of a post-conflict nation. The festival’s leading artists include visual artist Sopheap Pich, composers Him Sophy and Chinary Ung, choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, Amrita Performing Arts and the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.

Traditional elements of Cambodian art include dancing deities, Buddhist tales and mythological Hindu accounts of wars and creation, and will be brought to life in venues across New York City in the form of installations, puppet theater and performances.

Season of Cambodia is an initiative of Cambodian Living Arts, an NGO based in Pehnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Presenting partners include museums, performing arts centers and universities of New York City.


Season of Cambodia. Cambodian Rattan: The Sculptures of Sopheap Pich

Ten works by the contemporary Cambodian artist Sopheap Pich (b. 1971) will be on display. Drawn from U.S. public and ...

Bomb Ponds by Vandy Rattana

"Bomb Ponds" is a poignant series of photographs and a one-channel video by Cambodian artist Vandy Rattana (b. 1980) exploring ...

Seasons of Cambodia. Living Arts City: Art and Urbanism in Phnom Penh and New York

This two-day colloquium on April 6 and 7 brings together artists, performers, curators, arts managers, scholars and students in a ...

Season of Cambodia. Rescue Archeology: Documents of Performance Art from Phnom Penh

A selection of videos documenting performance art works by seven Cambodian contemporary artists will be shown during a weekend symposium ...

Season of Cambodia. Memory Preserved: Royal Cambodian Dancers 1927

See recently restored glass-plate photographs of five dancers from Cambodia's Royal Ballet, made in 1927.

Season of Cambodia. Compound by Sopheap Pich

This large installation of 83 bamboo and rattan grids and tubular modules speaks to the recent, aggressive construction boom and ...

Season of Cambodia. Churning by Svay Sareth

Churning brings to life one of Phnom Penh’s main plazas at one of New York’s public gathering places.

New York New Music Ensemble: music of Chinary Ung (an event within the Season of Cambodia Festival)

Since 1976, the New York New Music Ensemble has commissioned, performed and recorded the important and upcoming composers of our ...

Season of Cambodia. Khmer Arts Ensemble

"A Bend in the River" includes a live performance of a richly percussive score by composer Him Sophy and life-sized ...

Khmer Arts Ensemble Family Matinee

Attending live dance performances can be habit-forming, so we recommend starting young by inviting children to the adult table. That's ...

Season of Cambodia Opening Ceremony

Season of Cambodia is a city-wide celebration of Cambodian arts and humanities initiated by Cambodian Living Arts.

Season of Cambodia. Dengue Fever in Concert

Cannibal Courtship (Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group) is the L.A. band's their fourth album, mixing Cambodian pop and American indie ...

Season of Cambodia. An Evening After Year Zero: History, Healing, and The Future of Cambodian Arts

A symposium featuring some of the most renowned contemporary Cambodian artists.

Season of Cambodia. Tribal Crackling Wind: Olden New Golden Blue

In a new ceremony, five young Cambodians embody and synthesize contradictory ways of being in a contemporary Cambodian society of ...

Season of Cambodia. Guitarist Kong Nay

Master of the chapei dong vong (long neck guitar), Kong Nay caught the ear of Peter Gabriel, who presented him ...

Season of Cambodia. Shadow Puppet Theater

Sbeik Thom shadow puppetry is an ancient and sacred form of Cambodian theater traditionally performed on ceremonial occasions.

Season of Cambodia Khmeropédies III: Source/Primate

This dance performance by Khmer/French choreographer Emmanuèle Phuon will be followed by a discussion about animal and cultural behaviors.

Season of Cambodia. Her Royal Highness in Conversation with Peter Sellars

A pioneer in the preserving Cambodian classical court dance, the princess talks about the art form's demanding training and ...

Season of Cambodia. The Royal Ballet of Cambodia

Resurrected spectacularly in the wake of the Khmer Rouge into a closely guarded yet flourishing modern form, the Royal Ballet ...