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Public Records

Municipal Archives of New York City

Manhattan Ongoing

The Municipal Archives preserves and provides public access to the historic records of the city dating from the early 17th century to the present.

Tour the Synagogue

Museum at Eldridge Street

Manhattan Ongoing

The museum presents the culture, history and traditions of the great wave of Jewish immigrants to the Lower East Side, drawing parallels with the diverse cultural communities that have settled in America.

Noguchi’s Interior Design

Noguchi Museum

queens Ongoing

One of the 13 galleries at the museum is devoted to Noguchi's celebrated work in interior design. Noguchi most actively worked in this field during the 1940s, creating furniture and interiors that displayed the biomorphic imagery of his contemporary sculpture.

Private Viewing

Paley Center for Media

Manhattan Ongoing

The Paley Center's permanent media collection contains nearly 150,000 television and radio programs and advertisements. As in any noncirculating library, visitors can select programs to view while in the museum and watch them at a console.

Roerich Paintings

Nicholas Roerich Museum

Manhattan Ongoing

Two-hundred paintings completed between the 1890s and 1940s, plus memorabilia from all periods of Roerich's life (1874-1947), including his set designs for operas by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, his collaborations with Igor Stravinsky and the paintings he made from expeditions to India and Tibet, are on view.

Barge Right In

Waterfront Museum

brooklyn Ongoing

Learn about barge transport and enjoy the captivating views of the Statue of Liberty and the many workboats and recreational vessels of the New York Harbor.

Exploring the Homestead

Kingsland Homestead at Queens Historical Society

queens Ongoing

The first floor of this historic house is used for exhibits depicting Queens history. A second floor parlor is decorated as if it belonged to a middle-class Victorian family. In addition, the Queens Historical Society plans, researches and mounts a regular series of history-related exhibitions and lecture series the homestead.

Life on the Farm

Lefferts Homestead Historic House Museum

Brooklyn Ongoing

Visitors to this historic home play with traditional tools, toys and games and have the unique chance to engage in farming activities.

Tour the Mansion

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Manhattan Ongoing

Today, the mansion showcases furniture and artifacts, including an 18th-century bed, two chairs believed to have been owned by Napoleon and a colonial kitchen. The house has been a museum since 1904 and hosts historical exhibitions, music concerts and family workshops.

Period Rooms and Garden

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden

Manhattan Ongoing

Constructed in 1799 as a carriage house and converted into a hotel in 1826, the museum transports the visitor back to the Mount Vernon Hotel, a country escape for New Yorkers living in the crowded city at the southern tip of Manhattan.

Tours of the Collection

National Museum of the American Indian‚ Smithsonian Institution

Manhattan Ongoing

The museum offers free, daily tours that are centered on the vast collection that celebrates the lifeways, histories and art of indigenous cultures throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Exploring Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Manhattan Ongoing

Inside the statue's pedestal, visitors can experience the original torch and the Statue of Liberty exhibit, then proceed to the promenade area for an up close peek at the statue and a spectacular view of New York Harbor. Tickets can be purchased for access to the pedestal or to the ...