Again, But Different This Time Performances


Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

Again, But Different This Time is an evening of performances presented by artists Nick Bastis, Beatrice Glow, Anthony Romero and Georgia Wall. The performances are based on the concept of re-enactment, exploring what it means to remake what has already been done and to retrace the steps of others. The artists will use dance, text, photos and spoken language as they work to re-enact everything from performances to Hollywood movies to the path of political migrations. Though mimicry and repetition are central to the definition of a re-enactment, it is through these attempts that difference and the new emerge. As these artists reveal; we learn and discover new things, about ourselves and the past, each time we return to something.  


107 Suffolk Street

(Between Rivington and Delancey Streets)

New York, NY 10002



Subway: F, J, M, Z to Essex Street - Delancey Street