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A Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol is an imaginative and ghostly new show based on one of the most famous stories of all time by one of the most famous authors in the English language—Charles Dickens. Created and directed by acclaimed theater and new media artist Reid Farrington (of The Passion Project and Gin & "It"), this exciting work takes the form of a Victorian-era phantasmagoria, conjuring up ghosts of the past, present and future by integrating media and live theater with the well-known holiday classic.

Haunting images from 35 different film versions of A Christmas Carol are projected on moving screens using a modern-day version of the magic lantern. Film clips collide and combine with live performers on stage, eerily blurring the distinction between performance and video projection. Through complex staging and choreography, the show brings together over 100 years of film history.

Performers slip in and out of characters from the Alastair Sim, George C. Scott and Bill Murray versions of the tale, as well as The Muppets and Mr. Magoo variations (and many more), to create an imaginative and new interpretation of the beloved Dickens story.

Mr. Farrington, formerly a video designer for the world-renowned Wooster Group, creates his own highly original work that investigates the tension between live and mediated forms of artistic expression. Like his recent projects Gin & "It" and The Passion Project, this serves as another bold and unique merging of film, performance, and installation art. The cast  includes performers Laura K. Nicoll, Christopher Loar, and John Forkner with Jennifer L. Reed and Sandrine Hudi. The design team is comprised of Neal Wilkinson (set), Hiram Quesada (lights), Marcelo Añez (sound), Erin Murphy (costumes), Emily King Brown (make-up), and (editors) Kelly Colburn, Mark Costello, Corey Holmes, Najee Gardner, Adrián José Fernández, and Kiarash Ghiam.

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