Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery—Yoko Ono: Imagine Peace


Photo by Ka-Man Tse.
Photo by Ka-Man Tse.

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A stunning visual message of peace will greet New Yorkers and visitors to the Crossroads of the World this holiday season as part of a synchronized program on over 15 of the largest digital screens in Times Square. Yoko Ono’s work, “Imagine Peace,” will be featured nightly at 11:57 pm – midnight every night throughout December 30 as part of the Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery, a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts.

“Imagine Peace” is artist Yoko Ono’s worldwide initiative of anti-violence. In the film, “Imagine Peace” is written in 24 languages set over the tranquil imagery of a blue-sky background. The piece has now been transformed into a multi-channel work specifically for the Times Square Moment, and spreads the message of peace across Times Square’s monumental screens simultaneously, filling the Crossroads of the World with 24 languages of the world. Yoko Ono said: “Every day for three minutes we will think of world peace together, watching this blue sky. I love you!”

Times Square Moment called upon the Art Production Fund, which specialize in bringing contemporary artists into our daily lives through installations throughout all our public spaces, to assist in the collaboration with Yoko Ono for the iconic digital billboards of Times Square. Each month the digital advertisers and the Alliance look towards the creative talent on tap in NYC to curate a new video.

Every show begins at 11:57 pm with a “countdown” that signals the start of the 3 minute nightly presentation. Content changes monthly; selected works are announced in the weeks preceding the start of a new show as are the exact signs participating in that month’s selection. Past artists featured in “Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery” include Robert Wilson; Seoungho Cho; Vicki DaSilva, Surabhi Saraf, and Elly Cho; Erika Janunger; Takeshi Murata; and Bel Borba with Burt Sun and André Costantini.

The following digital screens are participating in the December Times Square Moment: ABC Super Sign, American Eagle Times Square, Bank of America, CEMUSA, City Outdoor, Disney, JVC Screen, MTV 44 ½, NASDAQ, Spectacolor HD129 / Times Square Visitor Center Marquee, ClearChannel HD128, Spectacolor HD127 / CNN Screen, Times Square Visitor Center, Viacom North & South (SL Green Realty and Orange Barrel Media) Thomson Reuters, and 7TS (7 Times Square).

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