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Flore E Fauna Magica
Flore E Fauna Magica

For its inaugural year, the Center for Italian Modern Art presents an installation of the work of Italian artist Fortunato Depero (1892–1960). Throughout his career, Depero worked beyond the Futurist movement’s orthodoxy, engaging in fruitful dialogues with Dada and Metaphyiscal Painting, Esprit Nouveau and the Bauhaus, Valori Plastici and Art Deco. More than any other artist, Depero embodied Futurism’s desire to merge the boundaries between high and popular culture. He did so through non-traditional work, which included, besides painting and sculpture: furniture, industrial design, advertising, architecture, photography, tapestry, ballet scenography and costume design, and more.

Coinciding with the landmark exhibition, Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe, at the Guggenheim February 21–September 1, 2014, the installation at the Center’s Soho seat will introduce this multifaceted artist to an American audience. The exhibition will feature more than fifty works by Depero drawn from the Gianni Mattioli collection. One room at the foundation will be dedicated to the display of Futurism’s first book-object— Depero’s “bolted” book, Depero Futurista (1927)–an experiment in typography that challenged the very idea of a book as cultural object and design product.

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