Daily Archives: February 28, 2013

  • Son of Lion: Javanese Gamelan Concert

    Experience the beautiful mallet-percussion music of Indonesia.

  • Young Concert Artists at The Morgan

    The 52nd Young Concert Artists Series in collaboration with The Morgan Library & Museum presents Narek Arutyunian, clarinetist and Solon Gordon, pianist.

  • Wonsun Bae, Luis Casal and Bernard Rose

    Hear the interplay of violin, clarinet, and piano in this concert of complex and engaging chamber music.

  • Together: A Fundraiser for Worldwide Orphans Foundation

    Do you look forward to Mondays? How about a Monday night that will leave you stimulated, invigorated and coordinated for the rest of the week? Jesse Ruben, Ayo Awosika and Misha Lyuve invite you to a night of beautiful music and poetry, your favorite drinks and warm-hearted people.

  • The Oven: The Heart in Your Chest

    Milla doesn’t leave the motel room. It’s scary out there. But when the agents come knocking and her neighbor starts screaming and there’s no where to get a bite of a crisp clean apple Milla begins to move.

  • CrossCurrents Concert

    The rising tide of contemporary vocal music. The undertow of the traditional.

  • Leah Yerpe: Stellify

    Artist Statement: Stellify means to change or be changed into a star. Creation myths of nearly every ancient civilization include stories of humans transformed into constellations. My favorites are those in which a god takes pity on one of our ancient ancestors fleeing some terrible danger, and saves them by placing among the stars. I’m […]