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Inventing Brooklyn: People, Places, Progress

Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Ongoing

From Native American roots and Dutch colonial influences to icons such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Dodgers, "Inventing Brooklyn" examines how various people, places, and historical events have shaped the development of the borough.

Elizabeth Murray: Stream

MTA Subway: 23rd Street - Ely Avenue

Queens Ongoing

Elizabeth Murray titled this work "Stream," to evoke the feet of travelers as they stream out along the subway passageway.

ElectriCity: Powering New York’s Rails

New York Transit Museum

Brooklyn Ongoing

Is the subway plugged in? Not exactly. Visit the Transit Museum's exhibition to understand the science behind the third rail, AC/DC current and how motors work. Hands-on interactives and vintage objects from a century ago tell the story of the power behind a mass transit system that keeps New Yorkers ...

Connecting Cultures: A World in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Museum

brooklyn Ongoing

"Connecting Cultures" is organized around three main themes: “Connecting Places,” “Connecting People,” and “Connecting Things.” In viewing the juxtaposition of thematically linked works, visitors are invited to consider the importance of place, of self-representation in art, and of the role that objects play in supporting personal and cultural identity.

Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present and Future

BLDG 92: Brooklyn Navy Yard Center

Brooklyn Ongoing

The extraordinary history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard is recounted in this original exhibition that interweaves natural, cultural, social, naval and industrial narratives.

Intro to Tango

Dardo Galletto Studios

Manhattan Ongoing

Ever wonder what it takes to tango? Find out at this free weekly introductory class for new students! Every Friday at 6:30 pm, the studio teaches the Argentine tango led by a different guest instructor each week. A partner isn't necessary, but one is always welcome.


Shubert Theater

Manhattan Ongoing

Based on the beloved story by Roald Dahl, "Matilda" is about an extraordinary little girl who decides that despite a bad beginning, her story is going to be an astonishing one. The 2013 Tony Award winner for Best Book of a Musical.

Bill Brand: Masstransiscope

MTA Subway: DeKalb Avenue

Brooklyn Ongoing

Bill Brand's "Masstransiscope" turns the subway into a movie machine, presenting a colorful, animated "moving picture" to commuters as the train moves through the tunnel.

Tom Otterness: Life Underground

MTA Subway: 14th Street

Manhattan Ongoing

The scores of figures created by Tom Otterness for "Life Underground" invigorate and transforms the transit environment into a place of joy and whimsy. His small-scale sculptures invoke the subway and lore of the city and include an alligator rising out of a sewer to devour a man.

Jason Middlebrook: Brooklyn Seeds

MTA Subway: Avenue U

Brooklyn Ongoing

Jason Middlebrook's mosaic installation, "Brooklyn Seeds," is a monumentally-scaled garden of wildflowers climbing up the stair wall extending from Avenue U to the elevated train platform. Created in glass mosaic, with the help of experienced subway mosaicist Stephen Miotto, the choice of plants is based upon local wildflowers that grow ...

Xi Song: Tree of Life

Arts for Transit

Manhattan Ongoing

Chinese artist, Xin Song teams up with Wesley Depp from Depp Glass Inc., to incorporate her unique vision into an architectural glass framework.

Andrea Dezso: Community Garden

MTA Subway: Bedford Park Blvd - Lehman College

Bronx Ongoing

"Community Garden" is a glass mosaic mural that fills the entire mezzanine wall at the Bedford Park Boulevard subway station. The imagery depicts a lush fantasy garden of colorful, oversized fruit, vines, insects and animals. In Dezsö's garden, the community can experience the artist's lush imagination through her colors and ...