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Chelsea Opera Presents Ballymore Part One

St. Peter's Church in Chelsea

Manhattan Ongoing

La Pizza con Funghi parodies 19th century Italian opera: the soprano in love with the tenor plots to poison her baritone husband. Her mezzo maid spills the beans. In the end, no one is left alive at the final curtain!

City Splash

Children's Museum of Manhattan

Manhattan Ongoing

When the weather turns warm, this exhibit encourages children of all ages to explore and learn more about the environment and the unique properties of water in a fun, hands-on setting.


Flowers Gallery

Manhattan Ongoing

Flowers is pleased to present an exhibition titled "Cityscapes," surveying several of artists who engage with the themes of urban life.

Collected. Reflections on the Permanent Collection

Studio Museum in Harlem

Manhattan Ongoing

The works on display embody the museum's mission and programming, presenting historically significant work by artists of African descent, and art inspired by black culture locally, nationally and internationally.


Yeshiva University Museum

Manhattan Ongoing

In addition to the museum's four spacious galleries, there is also a children's art discovery room, an outdoor sculpture garden, and a permanent collection of 8,000 artifacts.

Collections Central

Brooklyn Children's Museum

Brooklyn Ongoing

From a shark’s jawbone to musical instruments from around the world, Brooklyn Children’s Museum is home to a permanent collection of 30,000 objects.

Concert: Nicholas Mariscal

Americas Society

Manhattan Wed, Apr 23, 2014, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Music of the Americas presents cellist Nicolas Mariscal, winner of the third Latin American Music Recording Competition at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music's Latin American Music Center (LAMC), in a concert at Americas Society. Mr. Mariscal will be performing works from his recent release "Nubes bajas: A Collection of ...

Coney Island Memorabilia

Coney Island Museum

Brooklyn Ongoing

Vintage bumper cars, funhouse mirrors, relics of Coney Island rides and cases of souvenirs make up this small, devoted museum.

Congo Gorilla Forest

Bronx Zoo

Bronx Ongoing

A reconstruction of an African rainforest encompasses 6.5 acres and is home to animals, including more than 20 western lowland gorillas.

Connecting Cultures: A World in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Museum

brooklyn Ongoing

"Connecting Cultures" is organized around three main themes: “Connecting Places,” “Connecting People,” and “Connecting Things.” In viewing the juxtaposition of thematically linked works, visitors are invited to consider the importance of place, of self-representation in art, and of the role that objects play in supporting personal and cultural identity.

Creative Dance for Kids – Free Open Houses

Westbeth Center for the Arts

Manhattan Ongoing

Rachael Kosch teaches Creative Dance Classes with live music by Michael Kosch at Westbeth Center for the Arts. Come join the celebration as children's dance expert Rachael Kosch kicks off her new classes in the West Village.

Cross-Strait Relations

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

Manhattan Ongoing

Ideas and experiences of “China” live across many borders. As routes of commerce and leisure between Chinese regions have become more open, artists have embraced mobility, traveling (or having multiple artistic bases) from Mainland China to Taiwan, Taiwan to Hong Kong or to Singapore, and other areas with large historical ...