Daily Archives: March 28, 2013

  • Disney Fantasia: Live in Concert

    The Little Orchestra Society presents the New York City premiere of “Disney Fantasia Live in Concert.” Watch the classic animation from the 1940 and 2000 feature films come alive on a giant screen while the orchestra performs the iconic music live.

  • La MaMa Kids: The Magic Pot

    What happens when a magical pot that doubles everything is discovered? Will the finders be rich forever or will their trouble double? A magical, mathematical fairy tale from ancient China retold with music, puppets and much more. Includes craft-making for kids.

  • Problem Solvers: Fastrack

    Problem Solvers is a series of informal discussions that takes an intimate look at the most interesting people and topics relating to moving millions of New Yorkers in a city with a century-old transit system.

  • Buster Keaton’s “The General,” with live music by Viola Dana

    In his comic masterpiece “The General,” Buster plays a young Southerner rejected by the Confederate Army as a coward who wages a one-man war against the hijackers of his beloved locomotive.