Daily Archives: June 27, 2013

  • Bria’s Hot Five with Bria Skonberg

    Bria’s Hot Five with Bria Skonberg will play in Louis’s Garden this summer on July 4th – Louis Armstrong’s birthday.

  • TriBattery Pops: Independence Day Concert

    Join in with the downtown volunteer community band as they celebrate the 4th of July with a live musical performance.

  • Summertime Classics: Star-Spangled Celebration

    For the Star-Spangled Celebration, the Philharmonic and the United States Coast Guard Band team up for rip-roaring performances of popular American classics by Sousa, Copland, and Bernstein.

  • Over the Hill

    When Karen turns 50, she believes she deserves to be over the hill, recouping the rewards of the life she spent her whole life building. Instead, her husband leaves her, her business fails, and she loses her house, forcing her to go back to college, learning to date, and climbing to the top all over again.

  • Revive Music: Etienne Charles ‘Creole Soul’ Album Release Concert

    Trinidadian trumpeter/bandleader Etienne Charles brings his group to LPR to celebrate the release of his fourth album, “Creole Soul,” featuring original compositions as well classics from the songbooks of Bob Marley, Thelonious Monk, Mighty Sparrow and others.

  • The Renaissance Dueling Play

    Come see Master Chavros (Jesuhan Malave) and his assistant Dandreanna (Rebecca Robinson Overholt) tell tales throughout time as they instruct you, their guests on the lost and wonderful art of dueling! If you love swordplay, comedy and love a lot of fun, this play is exactly what you need to beat the summer heat!