Daily Archives: August 14, 2013

  • St. Luke’s Subway Series – Queens

    Each year, St. Luke’s Subway Series brings free concerts to each of the five boroughs and collects food donations for City Harvest. Brass music, ranging from Elizabethan courtly dances to American ragtime classics, is the theme this year.

  • St. Luke’s Subway Series – Bronx

    The 2013 series, Brass Gardens, features St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble performing outdoor concerts of brass music ranging from Elizabethan courtly dances to American ragtime classics. Melt Bakery will sell their delectable ice cream inventions before and after the performance.

  • Fancy Nancy the Musical

    Based on the children’s book series by Jane O’Connor, this new musical tells the story of Nancy, who loves all things posh and glamorous. When her dreams of winning the lead in the school play don’t exactly work out as planned, she has to find a way to accept her very unfancy role.

  • Circular Track: Elizabeth Orr

    For Circular Track, Elizabeth Orr will research the ways in which choreographed movement constructs narrative. Using the tracking shot to explore how representation operates in video, film and performance, Orr will create her own circular track and dolly system

  • I Was Loved by a Rat

    Girl has rats. Girl buys poison. Girl meets Rat. Rat loves Girl. A twisted fairy tale, dark comedy, and humorous tragedy, premiering at FringeNYC.

  • The Young Olympians and The Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever

    Join teenaged Hercules, Perseus, Jason, and Andromeda as they battle monsters, save Mount Olympus, and forge friendships.