Daily Archives: August 26, 2013

  • Juilliard Jazz Quartet

    A New Day, New Beginning Ron Blake, saxophones Frank Kimbrough, piano Ron Carter, bass Carl Allen, drums MULGREW MILLER Second Thoughts RON CARTER Ah, Rio RON BLAKE Spiritual RON BLAKE Waltz for Gwen FRANK KIMBROUGH Kudzu THELONIOUS MONK Nutty FRANK KIMBROUGH For Duke RON CARTER For Toddlers Only CARL ALLEN Little Jordan Founded in 2010, […]

  • A Piece of Work

    A sophisticated algorithm slices and dices Hamlet in this daring work by Annie Dorsen.

  • La Belle et la Bête

    Actors interact with projected imagery in this sophisticated take on a classic fairy tale.

  • Water

    Personal dramas intertwine amid the climate crisis in this exquisite theatrical reverie.

  • The Humans

    Theater, music, and sculpture combine in this humorous account of man’s fall from grace.

  • An Enemy of the People

    Thomas Ostermeier returns to BAM with Ibsen’s dark satire of democracy gone wrong.

  • Hans was Heiri

    Acrobats dangle and tumble in this inventive work from Swiss duo Zimmermann & de Perrot.

  • Moses(es)

    Inspired by Zora Neal Hurston’s Moses, Man of the Mountains, this evening-length work by choreographer Reggie Wilson examines the many representations of Moses and features live vocals.

  • Bodycast

    Actress Frances McDormand embodies artist Suzanne Bocanegra in this inventive experiment in self-portraiture, that explores Bocanegra’s years spent in a bodycast and our culturally constructed idea of beauty.

  • War Sum Up

    Japanese manga, Noh theater, and electronic sounds comprise this beautiful meditation on the nature of war, featuring music by Santa Ratniece, electronic music group the Irrepressibles, and the Latvian Radio Choir.