Daily Archives: August 6, 2013

  • Reunion Run, FringeNYC

    In REUNION RUN (military slang for going into combat recklessly), Danny, a troubled inner-city schoolteacher and, Ronnie, an Army captain returning from Iraq, struggle to reassemble their lives as they fall in love. A world premiere play by emerging writer John Doble.

  • KINEMATIK Dance Theater at FringeNYC

    KINEMATIK Dance Theater, a Sadler Well’s Choreography Contest Finalist, under the direction of Svea Schneider, checks into the FringeNYC Festival with an international all-female cast showcasing a selection of its most imaginative creations.

  • Kemble’s Riot

    Based on the true story of the 1809 riots at London’s Covent Garden Theatre that lasted 66 nights and a man at war with his audience. Become the rioting audience and watch the drama unfold. A huge slice of fun!

  • Sacred Elephant

    This dramatization of Heathcote Williams’s epic poem, “Sacred Elephant,” dares humans to find any superior link between form and land ownership. Produced by Sheer Nerve Productions in association with BuyArt and Cockpit as part of the Summer Shares at La MaMa.