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Re-Imagining Past Possessions – Works of Recycled Materials

Elisa Contemporary Art

bronx Ongoing

Elisa Contemporary Art is partnering with TransFORM Gallery in New Rochelle to present an eco-minded exhibit, "Re-Imagining Past Possessions - Works of Recycled Materials."

Nuyorican Friday Night Poetry Slam

Nuyorican Poets Café

Manhattan Ongoing

The first poetry slam ever in New York City was held at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in 1989, and 20 years later, it's become part of the cultural history of this city, still going strong. Every Friday night is Poetry Slam Night.

Urbana Poetry Slam

Bowery Poetry Club

Manhattan Ongoing

This is a quirky and eccentric series, and even though it's featured some of the biggest names in poetry--Billy Collins, Patricia Smith, Galway Kinnell, Saul Williams, and almost every national slam champion--it remains a warm, welcoming venue for all kinds of poetic voices.

My Big Gay Italian Funeral

St. Luke's Theatre

Manhattan Ongoing

After Anthony's father passes away, old family members are reunited after not being on the best of terms for over a decade. A hilarious take on all of the fun characters that show up at a funeral home, most of whom are taken straight from the wedding.


Flowers Gallery

Manhattan Ongoing

Flowers is pleased to present an exhibition titled "Cityscapes," surveying several of artists who engage with the themes of urban life.

Aquatic House and Orchid Collection

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Ongoing

The Aquatic House is home to BBG’s large orchid collection as well as a variety of tropical and subtropical aquatic and wet environment plants from around the world.

Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

American Museum of Natural History

Manhattan Ongoing

The ocean is vast, covering more than two-thirds of the planet. Beneath its waves lie many different habitats, from coral reefs to polar seas. Each supports an astonishing array of life. And the ocean provides oxygen to the atmosphere and drives the world's climate.

American Bolero Dance Company: Tablao Flamenco 2013 Spring Season

Chian Federation

queens Ongoing

American Bolero Dance Company celebrates Immigrant Heritage Week with the April 19th installment of its 2013 Tablao Flamenco series, which showcases a variety of Spanish dance and music in a cabaret-like format and atmosphere. Spectacular performances of Andalusian Flamenco, Clasico Espanol, and Salsa. at The Chian Federation in Astoria, featuring ...

The Center for Alternative Photography: Workshops

Center for Alternative Photography: Penumbra Foundation

Manhattan Ongoing

The Center for Alternative Photography runs workshops dedicated to preserving historical and emulsion based photography, offering a multitude of classes taught by instructors that are highly skilled practitioners.

Electricity Live

New York Transit Museum

Brooklyn Ongoing

Learn how our subways are powered up. It’s a shocking demonstration!

Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt

Brooklyn Museum

brooklyn Ongoing

From domesticated cats to mythic symbols of divinity, felines played an important role in ancient Egyptian imagery for thousands of years. "Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt" explores the role of cats, lions, and other feline creatures in Egyptian mythology, kingship, and everyday life through nearly 30 different representations of ...

19th-Century Modern

Brooklyn Museum

brooklyn Ongoing

Featuring more than 40 items from the Brooklyn Museum’s collection of American and European decorative arts, "19th-Century Modern" focuses on the emergence of Modernism, a design aesthetic based in part on the machine as a source of artistic inspiration.