On multiple platforms, NYC-ARTS aims to increase awareness of New York City’s nonprofit cultural organizations, whose offerings greatly benefit residents and visitors—from children to adults, and teenagers to senior citizens.

NYC-ARTS promotes cultural groups’ activities and events to tri-state, national and international audiences through nonprint media, using new technologies as they develop. Through websites, television, mobile applications and social media, NYC-ARTS nurtures New York City’s position as a thriving cultural capital of the world, one that has both world renowned institutions and those that are focused on local communities.

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NYC-ARTS is the new name of the WNET program formerly known as SundayArts. The weekly magazine program is co-hosted  by Philippe de Montebello and Paula Zahn — both 2011 Emmy Award winners — with cultural news reporting by Christina Ha.  The program airs Thursdays at 8 pm and Sundays at noon on THIRTEEN; Tuesdays at 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm on WLIW21; and Sunday night at 8:30 pm on NJTV.

NYC-ARTS.org is where to watch selected segments or entire NYC-ARTS programs online. Past programming is always available and the latest premiere on Thursdays at 8 pm are available at 11 a.m. the following morning.



NYC-ARTS.org is the most comprehensive resources of their kind. It is a centralized location to access information about culture in New York and gateways to other cultural resources.

More than 1,000 cultural groups are profiled on the site, which include their events on the calendars and details about discounts, disability access, volunteer opportunities and more.


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NYC-ARTS is honored by its partnership with WNET. WNET is the premier public media provider of the tri-state area and parent company of public television stations THIRTEEN, NJTV and WLIW21, as well as the producers of an ever-expanding range of digital services, including Kids.THIRTEEN.orgTHIRTEEN.orgWLIW21.org and THIRTEEN Ed Online, to name a few.


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