A land mass of nearly 12 million square miles and more than 900 million inhabitants, Africa is as diverse as it is vast.  From the pyramids of Egypt to the cosmopolitan cities of South Africa and from the sands of the Sahara to the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro, the continent boasts a variety of peerless landscapes and is rich in natural resources.  The reach of Africa’s artistic legacy is far-ranging, too, as indigenous rhythms and steps have influenced many music and dance styles—including blues, jazz, swing, gospel, reggae, calypso, rumba, meringue and samba—that the Americans call their own.

The most recent census figures show that the African-born population of New York City numbers nearly 100,000, contributing to the vitality and diversity of the Big Apple.  Here you’ll find a selection of the many Africa-oriented cultural organizations presenting arts programming in all five boroughs.  In addition, the National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. a branch of the Smithsonian Institution, has an extensive Web site offering information on its collections and current exhibitions.  Radio Africa audio streams, downloadable coloring books for kids and more.