allegianceFollow the journey of Broadway musical, Allegiance as George Takei and the team do everything in their power to open the show on Broadway. Go behind the scenes of this ground-breaking production and follow every aspect of what it takes to open a musical on Broadway.

Also: Watch George Takei recall his childhood on a two-part interview with Metrofocus. He discusses his role on “Allegiance,” which is inspired by his experience at a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

    Episode One – God I Hope We Get It

    In this first episode, the creative team waits to hear if their Broadway dreams will become a reality, the fate of the project is determined by one phone call.

    Episode Two – All We Need Is The Girl

    Composer/lyricist, Jay Kuo, spent years writing the score of Allegiance for Lea Salonga specifically. In this episode, we discover that Lea’s schedule leaves her participation in the balance and so the search begins for another actress who may be able to play the leading role of Kei Kimura. The team travels to Los Angeles, California, hoping to discover another once-in-a-lifetime voice.

    Episode Three – Art Isn’t Easy

    The marketing and creative team begin to work overtime to tackle all the issues of mounting a ground-breaking production. Photoshoots, creative meetings and design elements start to command everyone’s attention and the team fights to bring all the elements together.

    Episode Four – The Point of No Return

    The company of Allegiance has four short weeks in the rehearsal room before moving into the Longacre Theatre. The tension builds as songs, scenes and choreography are all being scrutinized and the collaboration process is put to the test.

    Episode Five – Moving Too Fast

    Changes to the script, score and staging are thrown at the actors in order to be ready for the first preview on October 6th. Cast member, Greg Wantanabe, reveals what feels so important about bringing this story to life while portraying the real-life head of the Japanese American Citizens League, Mike Masaoka.

    Episode Six – You Could Drive A Person Crazy

    Technical rehearsals have begun in which designers work overtime to make each moment onstage perfect. Hundreds of cues are programmed and it drives everyone in the theater a little bit crazy.

    Episode Seven – Put On A Happy Face

    Every theater piece needs an audience. After weeks of rehearsing, the company of Allegiance must overcome their nerves and put on a happy face as they invite the audience in to see the show!

    Episode Eight – Magic To Do

    Broadway Previews began on October 6 and the cast and crew hustle to make theatre magic. While rehearsing during the day and doing the show at night, the creative team is making changes overnight to get them into what will soon be known as the final version of Allegiance on Opening Night.

    Finale – Ishi Kara Ishi

    Meaning "Stone By Stone," the final episode of the series celebrates all those who have been involved in Allegiance on its seven year journey to Broadway.