Trek To Broadway (Episode Four): The Point Of No Return

Come and peek behind the curtain to witness my passion, fears, excitement and hope. It's rehearsal time for our show -- will we be ready in time? My dream is becoming true and I am not going to miss one moment of it. Join us on our Trek to Broadway.

Posted by George Takei on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The company of Allegiance has four short weeks in the rehearsal room before moving into the Longacre Theatre. The tension builds as songs, scenes and choreography are all being scrutinized and the collaboration process is put to the test.

    Episode Five – Moving Too Fast

    Changes to the script, score and staging are thrown at the actors in order to be ready for the first preview on October 6th. Cast member, Greg Wantanabe, reveals what feels so important about bringing this story to life while portraying the real-life head of the Japanese American Citizens League, Mike Masaoka.