Trek To Broadway (Episode Five) - Moving Too Fast

We are in the dense fog of theater. And just outside the fog, the first preview of Allegiance nears. But the last few weeks have been nothing like I had imagined. See for yourself, in the fifth episode of our Trek To Broadway, as we worked madly to create new theater art. It is such a proud moment for me, and I am honored to share it with you.And... if you watch until the end, a link to a special gift from me to you. I hope you can take advantage of it and come say hello after a show!

Posted by George Takei on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Changes to the script, score and staging are thrown at the actors in order to be ready for the first preview on October 6th. Cast member, Greg Wantanabe, reveals what feels so important about bringing this story to life while portraying the real-life head of the Japanese American Citizens League, Mike Masaoka.

    Episode Six – You Could Drive A Person Crazy

    Technical rehearsals have begun in which designers work overtime to make each moment onstage perfect. Hundreds of cues are programmed and it drives everyone in the theater a little bit crazy.