Image courtesy of David Zwirner Gallery.

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)


David Zwirner presents an exhibition of new work by artists from the gallery’s program. The world has never faced such uncertainty: everything from our understanding of public health and racial injustice to our geopolitical order and our social and environmental responsibilities is being challenged and rethought. 2020 may go down as the watershed year when the deck was reshuffled; and while we don’t know the future, our minds are busy speculating, anxiously rethinking and looking for a vision beyond.

Whatever that vision may be—whether it entails a rebirth or set of new beginnings—artists can help us imagine it, since the work they are doing now may contain the seeds of the future we cannot yet see.

20/20 presents new work by Francis Alÿs, Michaël Borremans, Carol Bove, Toba Khedoori, Barbara Kruger, Shio Kusaka, Yayoi Kusama, Nate Lowman, Kerry James Marshall, Oscar Murillo, Chris Ofili, Raymond Pettibon, Neo Rauch, Dana Schutz, Richard Serra, Wolfgang Tillmans, Luc Tuymans, Andra Ursuţa, Rose Wylie, and Lisa Yuskavage.

I find it so lamentable,
The alarming, unwonted ordeal that has come upon us.
O demons of unwonted fate.
We will stand and face you.
We will stand and face you.
Through my art I go on manifesting, with all my heart, my reverence and
love for the cosmos, the world, and all humanity.
Our aspiration for a resplendent future begins with this.
Our resplendent hope is sure to be fulfilled.

—Yayoi Kusama, 2020