Bison, 2018. Mixed Media on Paper. Jeanne Finkelstein Goodman.

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

Carter Burden Gallery represents New York City artists over the age of 60 and it is committed to creating a culturally-diverse community of re-emerging professional artists.

The exhibition “Animal Instincts,” on view through March 13, presents works by artists Vija Doks and Jeanne Finkelstein Goodman.

Doks’s paintings are created with chalk, colored pencil, and oil on a black background, showcasing the diversity and beauty of animal life. The figures emerge in ghostly and luminous white, creating a striking contrast between subject and background, which emphasizes their fragile position in our present man-made environment. Doks states, “Through these works, I hope to stir in the viewer a sense of joy and wonder and awaken them to the magic of animals. I am an environmentalist and animal lover and I hope to raise awareness of our interconnectivity through my art.”

Goodman introduces colorful, lively drawings from the series “Creatures of the Book” in her first exhibition with Carter Burden Gallery. The large drawings are inspired by the folktales of Goodman’s childhood told to her by her grandparents, where each animal has its own story to tell. Goodman states, “Like the fabulous creatures in my grandparents’ stories, each animal in my drawings – bulls, goats, and sheep – has its own story to tell. I call them “Creatures of the Book,” both holy and secular, since they are inspired equally by biblical and temporal tales.”