by Armando Mariño.

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

Painter Armando Mariño’s solo show La Selva Oscura is on view at FACTION Art Projects through May 25, 2019. The exhibition consists of 10 new large-scale oil paintings of figures in landscapes that draw on themes of identity and personal history within the current political and socio-economic climate. Drawing from his Cuban roots, Mariño’s work is influenced by periods of time living in the Netherlands, France and New York’s Hudson Valley, as well as by his experiences related to dislocation and popular culture. The paintings are characterized by his distinctive and highly saturated color palette: bright pinks, oranges, greens and yellows offset by deep, dark shadows. Despite the traditional medium, Mariño likens the hues he works with to those that can be found in films, video games and advertising: super-saturated digital colours that fizz and pop, connecting to our contemporary way of viewing the world.