Tiera Church, Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Texas Isaiah.

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

“At Home: In the American West” is an exhibition (Dec 6, 2018 – Jan 4, 2019) that is being organized by The California Sunday Magazine in partnership with Aperture. The exhibition is associated with the magazine’s special photography issue in December that is themed around the idea of “Home.” In a time of political strife and heightened division throughout the communities of the American West, especially between the rural and cosmopolitan areas, At Home offers a glimpse into the meaningfulness of “Home” and how a sense of place is lived out and interpreted. At HomeIn the American West” features a variety of emerging and established photographers — including Ahndraya Parlato and Gregory Halpern, Texas Isaiah, Pixy Liao, Ricardo Nagaoka, Irina Rozovsky, Mark Steinmetz, and others — who traveled through ten states in the American West and spoke to people about what, and where, home is. The series includes a formerly homeless woman who finally feels settled in her tiny house in Seattle, a single mother who found her sanctuary living off the grid in the New Mexico desert, a couple who built their dream mansion in the mountains, a DACA recipient who has proudly purchased his first home in Utah, and a Los Angeles native who feels at peace by the ocean.