• $35

St. Ann’s Warehouse welcomes back the singular vision of Irish playwright/director Enda Walsh in the American Premiere of his gut-wrenchingly funny and achingly poignant Ballyturk, co-produced by Landmark Productions and Galway International Arts Festival, producers of Walsh’s Misterman and last season’s Arlington. In a room, the lives of two men, simply named One and Two, unravel quickly over the course of 90 minutes.

Who are they? What room is this? And what lies beyond these walls? Their bizarrely tender relationship emerges as the two engage in frenzied rituals and tell stories about the people of Ballyturk—the rural Irish town that may or may not exist outside of their elaborate imaginations—until one day, an ominous, imposing Three shows up and shakes their world with a huge demand.

Called “a deliciously strange new play” by The Evening Standard, “a high-octane production you won’t forget” by The New York Times, and a “richly theatrical experience” (and a Top 10 Theater Show of the Year) by The Guardian, Ballyturk runs January 9-28, 2018, at St. Ann’s Warehouse.