Ms. Saar at the Museum of Modern Art with “Anticipation” (1961), a screenprint in her solo show. It is a self-portrait of the artist, who was pregnant with her youngest daughter Tracye at the time.
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The Museum of Modern Art presents “Betye Saar: The Legends of Black Girl’s Window,” an in-depth solo exhibition exploring the deep ties between the artist’s iconic autobiographical assemblage “Black Girl’s Window” (1969) and her rare, early prints, made during the 1960s. The selection on view is drawn almost entirely from the Museum’s collection, and highlights the recent acquisition of 42 works on paper that provide an overview of Saar’s sophisticated, experimental print practice. The exhibition engages with the themes of family, history, and mysticism, which have been at the core of Saar’s work from its earliest days, and traces a link from her printmaking to the assemblages for which she is best known today.

Black Girl’s Window

“Black Girl’s Window” (1969), at MoMA.