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Celebrate the opening of Black Panther Got Loose from the Bronx Zoo: an Exhibition by Ido Michaeli with an evening of poetry performances in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Based on a 1902 New York Times article, Black Panther Got Loose tells the true story of a panther that escaped from the Bronx Zoo and, after struggling with police, jumped into the Bronx River and swam away. The exhibit, on view at the AJHS through April, consists of a hand-woven tapestry and a video chronicling the story and the making of this project.

The scene depicts police trying to hunt down the panther and the panic of passersby, an allegory for joint and separate struggles for justice. The piece is a reminder of the legacy of the Black Panthers movement in the U.S. and its influence on the Mizrahi Black Panther movement in Israel/Palestine.