Image courtesy of Blackout.
  • $45

Tickets range from $45-$65.

A decade after revolutionizing the haunted house industry, “BLACKOUT” returns to New York City for a not-to-be-missed 10th Anniversary production. Hailed as pioneers of the immersive movement, original creators Josh Randalland and Kristjan Thorwill bring the new production of the critically acclaimed interactive horror show to midtown. Declared “the scariest haunted house you’ll ever enter” by Maxim magazine, “BLACKOUT” is an interactive performance art piece designed for adults 18 and over to walk through completely alone. Each guest walks through a series of hallways, encountering several characters who force them to confront such basic fears as complete darkness, tight spaces, and crawling. “BLACKOUT” is the canvas upon which you project your innermost fears and insecurities, making you the protagonist in your very own horror film.

“When we started BLACKOUT, our goal was to create something unique and unforgettable. Almost immediately we saw the lasting effects the immersive elements had on traditional theater-goers and, within a couple of years, an entire industry seemed to grow around it,” said Randall and Thor.

Performances of BLACKOUT take place Thursdays through Sundays from 6:30 PM – 12:30 AM. The duration of each individual walk-through experience is approximately 25 minutes.