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Even with massive blood shortages during a global pandemic – the FDA continues discriminatory policies* for donating blood and plasma based on sexual orientation. The challenges facing humanity during COVID-19 are fraught with life-or-death decisions. As gay men, if you could save lives, would you donate your blood and antibody-rich plasma and be an everyday hero? Or would you protest the mechanisms of the law that prevent gay and bisexual men from donating blood, and abstain?

Jordan Eagles (b. 1977), whose ongoing cycle of art and activism that addresses issues of equality and the stigma of queer blood, confronts the system by calling attention to this inequity – a reality faced by gay and bisexual men who want to help during COVID-19 by donating blood and antibody-rich plasma. Eagles’ new chapter of work is guest curated by Andy Warhol scholar Eric Shiner. The project is on view at