Image courtesy of China Institute.
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For over 5,000 years, music has been essential to Chinese culture. Its language is tonal, its poems were once sung, and traditionally an educated person was understood to be a musical expert.  Music at China Institute 华美音乐 presents Chat on Chinese Music – Pipa/茶话中国音乐, a public educational series. This event is open to people of all ages curious about Chinese music and presents a unique opportunity to better understand a selected Chinese instrument, as explained by a master musician, with illustrated stories, and live music (of course!). The pipa (琵琶), or Chinese lute, is an ancient instrument that is both elegant and playful, charming, and adaptable to both traditional and modern sounds. The origins of the pipa date back about 2000 years ago to the Han dynasty and it has enjoyed wide popularity throughout its long history- especially during the Tang dynasty (618-907), and now again in our own time.
Prior to the performance and talk, participants can enjoy a Chinese tea ceremony and get a chance to taste several types of tea brewed using traditional methods in aged clay teapots. This established ritual will be as engaging as it is refreshing.