Image courtesy of Gitterman Gallery

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

Currently on view at Gitterman Gallery is an exhibition of contemporary work by Christopher Russell. The exhibition runs through Saturday, March 23rd.  This exhibition is Christopher Russell’s first at the gallery and the beginning of his representation by Gitterman Gallery. It will include a selection of work from Russell’s “Mountains” series (2016–2017) as well as works from his more recent series, “The Explorers.” Each piece is unique and combines color photography and drawing. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Russell has long been taken with the majesty of Carleton Watkins who photographed in that area and others 150 years ago. Russell photographs in some of the same land but from the opposite end of the history of photography. He makes fuzzy or hazy color photographs by limiting the functionality of the lens. The resulting abstract images form the foundation for his own imaginary vistas. He then manipulates the resulting prints, scratching into the emulsion, and sometimes painting over the scratches, creating an artwork that is at once a photograph, a drawing, a painting and a bas-relief.