Tickets range in price from $45 - $60.

The French Institute Alliance Française and The Metropolitan Museum of Art are kicking off the 2017 edition of the Crossing the Line Festival with the New York Premiere of audiovisual artist Ryoji Ikeda’s supercodex.

Renowned for his achingly beautiful minimalism, ultra-spare beats, and mesmerizing audiovisual installations, Ikeda transforms his celebrated 2013 album supercodex into a singular live performance, in which he takes the stage surrounded by mammoth projections of arresting black and white digital imagery.

One of the world’s leading electronic music composers and a renowned visual artist, Ryoki Ikeda has gained an international reputation for his thrilling combination of music and imagery into one hybrid art form that is as astonishing to encounter in a night club as it is in a museum. He has performed and exhibited worldwide, at venues including Centre Pompidou (Paris), Sonar Festival (Barcelona), Tate Modern (London), Festival d’Automne (Paris), and Park Ave Armory (New York). Ikeda made his US debut at the 2010 Crossing the Line Festival, and last appeared in the festival in 2014, when he performed superposition to acclaim at The Met.

In supercodex, he mines raw material from previous records and mathematical models to masterfully construct new music. Performed live, what at first sounds like a battle of digital noise, blips, and bass drones gradually engages the listener with elements of techno and dance music. Mammoth projections of stark imagery add dazzling textures of percussion. The result is a beeping, pulsating, immersive mix of sound and multimedia art that dazzles the senses.

For Ikeda, “the purest beauty is in mathematics. Its perfect assemblage of numbers, magnitudes, and forms persist, independent of us. The experience of the sublime in mathematics is awe-inspiring. It is similar to confronting the vast magnitude of the universe, which always leaves us open-mouthed.”