Eric Dever, April 1st, Hellebores I, 2018. Image courtesy of Berry Campbell Gallery.

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

“Eric Dever: Painting in a House Made of Air”features brilliantly hued, large-scale paintings, which emerged when Dever was planting a garden at his Water Mill, New York, studio. For more than a decade, Eric Dever purposefully redacted color, using a limited palette: white for four years, white and black for two years, followed by white, black and red. “However, instead of exploring just one color at a time, Dever embraced the entire spectrum. Initially he used mostly mixed tints, but with this epiphany of color, he began creating new mixed hues. “Eric Dever: Painting in a House Made of Air” will be on view at the Berry Campbell Gallery until February 9.