Martha Redbone Roots Project
Martha Redbone Roots Project

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

Family Day
The Martha Redbone Roots Project, Ebony Hillbillies
Betsy Head Park, BK – SummerStage
Sunday, June 14 at 4pm

DJ Fulano, Screening: Annie (2014)
In association with ImageNation
Betsy Head Park, BK – SummerStage
Sunday, June 14 at 7pm

Family Day, Wycliffe Gordon & Friends, B-Love’s Hip Hop Jazzy Groove, Karisma Jay & AbunDance
Pre-Show Master Class: Samuel Coleman

Queensbridge Park, QNS – SummerStage
Sunday, July 19 at 4pm

Family Day: Laurie Berkner / Something Positive / Brooklyn United Marching Band
Herbert Von King Park – SummerStage
Sunday, June 21 at 4pm

Global Family Day: Shine and the Moonbeams with special guest the Noel Pointer Youth Orchestra / The Red Trouser Show / Batoto Yetu / Ziporah Roney and Collaborative Artists
Rumsey Playfield, Central Park – SummerStage
Sun, July 5 at 2pm

Family Day: Mister G / Soul Street Dance / DJ ASHO
St. Mary’s Park – SummerStage
Sun, July 12 at 4pm

Family Day: Little Club Heads / Sugar Free Allstars / Hopalong Andrew / Uptown Dance Academy
Clove Lakes Park – SummerStage
Sun, August 2 at 4pm

Tinder & Ash / Ephrat Asherie Dance / Kiebpoli & Shine / Claire Parsons Co. / Brooklyn United Marching Band
Marcus Garvey Park – SummerStage
Sat, Aug 15 at 7pm
Sun, Aug 16 at 7pm