FOR CLAUDE SHANNON, Conception Liz Santoro et Pierre Godard, Musique Greg Beller, Costumes Reid Bartelme, Lumiere Sarah Marcotte, filage au CDC Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson le 19 janvier 2016 Avec : Marco D’Agostin, Cynthia Koppe, Liz Santoro, Teresa Silva (Photo by Patrick Berger)

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

In search of another relay between text and movement, For Claude Shannon — named after the pioneering theorist of digital computer design—uses grammatical dependencies between words in a statement by Shannon to recover a linguistic structure that, in turn, generates inexhaustible possibilities for choreographic sequences. Twenty-four discreet movement “atoms” for arms and legs serve as a movement lexicon from which a fixed number of inputs are randomly chosen each time the piece is performed. For each performance, dancers must assemble and learn one particular choreographic outcome among the billions possible, relying on the intimacy they have acquired with the fixed linguistic structure of the text and with one another. Organized by Matthew Lyons as part of “From Minimalism into Algorithm.”