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“Hearts in Isolation” presents work by fifteen artists in the 2020 cohort of “Expanding the Walls: Making Connections Between Photography, History, and Community.” During the eight-month program, participants from New York City–area high schools explore the history and techniques of photography. “Hearts in Isolation” is The Studio Museum in Harlem’s first online exhibition.

“Hearts in Isolation” is about yearning and reaching toward a new moment. The camera becomes a tool for journaling in real time; it shapes the external world, maps the interior landscape of the home, and mediates formal experimentation. As the artists contend with photography as a means of connection, the medium allows them to envision a future as the very idea of future is reassessed globally. In a moment when everything is in flux but much still looks the same, a critical question becomes: How do we capture this change?

Although the individual photographs feel like dispatches from lone islands, when brought together in a digital space these images urgently acknowledge the bonds that tie the self to friends, family, and the outside world. The artists navigate this impulse by privileging their vision above all, looking with both keen eyes and open hearts.