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Gray is pleased to present “Hockney in Normandy,” an online exhibition of new prints by David Hockney created at his studio in Normandy. The presentation features recent iPad paintings and a suite of landscape prints made from original ink on paper drawings. This new body of work highlights Hockney’s singular sense of line and form and his longstanding commitment to exploring perspective as mediated by technology.

Hockney’s intuitive ability to translate his observations into vivid marks permeates his work in all mediums. At the heart of his practice lies a devotion to drawing that vividly records the people and places in his life. At the age of 83, Hockney remains steadfast in finding time daily to draw and paint, finding it as essential and as instinctual as his sense of sight.

As the artist comments, “The teaching of drawing is the teaching of looking. People can be taught to observe more. It’s possible to teach people to look, really look. Most people don’t really look, they scan the ground in front of them, so they can see to walk, but do they really look?”

In her New York Times review of David Hockney: Drawing from Life—currently on view at the Morgan Library and Museum after its first presentation at the National Gallery, London—acclaimed critic Roberta Smith notes the artist’s “towering drawing gifts, openness to new technologies and his incessant work ethic.” [ii] In recent years, it is with this trifecta of tools that Hockney has broken new ground with his iPad paintings.

Explore “Hockney in Normandy” tomorrow on Gray Viewing Rooms by clicking the link below. “Hockney in Normandy” will open at Gray New York February 22.

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