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New Ohio Theatre is excited to announce that the 27th annual Obie Award-winning “Ice Factory Festival” will be live-streamed online for the first time, and will feature four new works over four weeks. NOT recognizes the precarious, disorienting, and historic nature of this summer of COVID-19 social distancing, widespread economic dislocation, and BLM racial justice protests. As always, they look to their theatre artists to help us find our bearings. They reached out to New York City’s indie theatre artists to find out how they are adapting their thinking and inspiration to this new landscape and not surprisingly found them bursting with vital, innovative ideas about how to reimagine their concerns and experiments for this moment and these new platforms.
Tickets are Pay What You Will, with a suggested ticket price of $10. Purchase at Performance dates and times (all EDT) vary from show to show. View the full performance calendar at
July 30 – August 2
we need your listening
Created by Velani Dibba, Ilana Khanin, Elizagrace Madrone, Stephen Charles Smith and the ensemble: Hilary Asare, Alex Bartner, ChiWen Chang, Sam Gonzalez, Alice Gorelick, Julia Greer, Nile Assata Harris, Annie Hoeg and Sam Im.
An empty theater lit by glowing blue screens. Phone calls after dark. Spinning dizzily past confessionals. In a shifting theatrical landscape, individual audience members enter a dim space between digital and analog reality and are taken through a series of intimate, one-on-one exchanges with performers – discovering and re-discovering the act of listening as radical engagement.
Please note: Due to the intimate nature of the show, audience size for each performance is extremely limited.
August 4 – 8
Created by The Transit Ensemble, co-directed by Sim Yan Ying “YY” and Alvin Tan.
A Black American influencer accuses a Malaysian bureaucrat of condoning blackface. A Singaporean-Indian teacher launches an Instagram feud calling out racial inequality at home, post-George Floyd. A privileged Singaporean-Chinese activist meets a compassionate White Saviour, and an ethnically ambiguous political YouTuber takes a DNA test for the first time. This cross-cultural encounter involving artists based in Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States uses Zoom as a new medium to explore the unstable ground between us and “the other.” In this pandemic contact zone, lines along race, class and gender bleed into one another, questioning the assumptions we hold of ourselves and the world around us.
Sim Yan Ying “YY” is a theatre artist based in New York and Singapore. Original works include I Love White Men (Caveat, Ars Nova ANT Fest, Dixon Place) and Without Reason (Esplanade). Currently an artist in Mabou Mines SUITE/Space and WILD RICE directing residency. Alvin Tan is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Necessary Stage. In 2010, he was conferred the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture, followed by the Cultural Medallion by the National Arts Council (2014).
August 13 -15
Book and direction by Alex Hare and Zhailon Levingston, music by Nehemiah Luckett and lyrics by Zhailon Levingston.
A kaleidoscopic new musical tracing the lives of church leaders and congregants amid political movements, tragedies, and spiritual rebirth, A BURNING CHURCH is about an American institution fighting to survive a crisis of faith. This iteration will be presented as a virtual religious service, weaving in performances of songs from the show with sermons, commentary, and moments to hold spiritual space together — space to imagine the role of the church in movements for liberation, as well as the form that church and theater can take when gathering is not possible.