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Beginning on Saturday, February 6, 2021 and continuing through March 14, 2021¬†Composers Concordance presents their “Low-Key Chamber Concert Series” at 5pm EST, featuring duets live-streamed from the home of The Wall Street Poet, Robert C. Ford. Saturday, February 13, focuses on the “Take A Pick (TAP) / American Fever – Song Cycle, American Fever: A Tale of Romance and Pestilence” by Peter Christian Hall. “TAP” is Milica Paranosic (music, voice, guitar) and Brian DuFord (music, voice, guitar). Saturday, February 20, features dancer Max Pollak and Gene Pritsker, electric guitar. The Saturday, February 27, concert has dueling guitars, with Sean Satin playing classical and Gene Pritsker playing electric. Saturday, March 7, has Jay Rodriguez on saxophone, flute, and clarinet in duets with Gene Pritsker on electric guitar. The final concert on Saturday, March 14, features vocalist Charles Coleman with Gene Pritsker on electric guitar. Each concert will be live-streamed on the Composers Concordance Facebook page.