Mika Rottenberg Easypieces
Image courtesy of New Museum.
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The New Museum is pleased to present the first New York solo museum presentation by artist Mika Rottenberg (b. 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina), on view until September 15.

The exhibition is premiering a new video installation, Spaghetti Blockchain (2019), alongside several of Rottenberg’s recent video installations and kinetic sculptures. Employing absurdist satire to address critical issues of our time, Rottenberg creates videos and installations that offer subversive allegories for contemporary life. Her works interweave documentary elements and fiction, and often feature protagonists who work in factory-like settings, manufacturing goods ranging from cultured pearls (NoNoseKnows, 2015) to the millions of brightly colored plastic wholesale items sold in Chinese superstores (Cosmic Generator, 2017).