Tickets start at $15 and there is a wait list if a show is sold out.

Step into the kitchen. Our host is preparing kubah, a traditional Syrian dish. While she cooks, she tells us the story of meeting Ashraf, a Syrian exile, and falling in love with him as he desperately tries to help those he left behind to escape the war. When he vanishes, she impulsively trails him to the homeland she has never known, now consumed by war. She returns with the stories of the people she encountered along the way, to share what she has witnessed of both the brutality, and the grace, of humanity.

Palestinian playwright and director Amir Nizar Zuabi’s Oh My Sweet Land is an intimate solo play that will be staged in private homes and community spaces throughout the five boroughs. Developed through a series of interviews conducted by Zuabi and co-conceiver German-Syrian actor Corinne Jaber, the New York production of Oh My Sweet Land stars Nadine Malouf.