Image courtesy of Kaufman Music Center.

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)


 Orli Shaham’s Bach Yard launches a brand-new series: Bach Yard Playdates. Playdates introduces musical concepts, instruments and the experience of concert-going to a global audience of children and their families, in weekly 5 to 10-minute episodes. Kaufman Music Center presents Bach Yard Playdates, and it will appear on their website and social media channels at 11:00 am EDT each Sunday through June 28.

The internationally renowned concert pianist and mother of twin boys, Orli Shaham launched Bach Yard (formerly called Baby Got Bach) in 2010, bringing live interactive concerts to thousands of young children and their parents. Now with a new name, an expanded age range, and educational and community outreach, Orli Shaham’s Bach Yard will introduce many more young ears to live classical music.