Image courtesy of The Arsenal Gallery

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New York City’s parks have a long history of playing host to public demonstrations and protests, dating back to the American Revolution. People have taken to the city’s streets, plazas, and parks to voice their distress during numerous periods of unrest. Even today parks continue to be some of the most democratic spaces for people to gather and declare their calls to action. NYC Parks Ebony Society’s exhibition Power to the People shares artists’ interpretations of public demonstration, drawing on both New York City’s rich history of protest and current social conflicts. On view there is a varied selection of photography, mixed media, painting, drawing, and video. Artists included are Kathleen Celestin-Parks, Mira Gandy, Suprina, Burroughs Lamar, Myrna Marrero, Kirk Maynard, Marilyn Nance, Malcolm Pinckney, Victor Polanco, Mario Tavarez, and Steed Taylor.