Grizzly Bears, Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada, Day to Night™, 2018 © Stephen Wilkes

Free admission (all visitors, all hours)


Bryce Wolkowitz is pleased to present its third solo exhibition of photographs by Stephen Wilkes. “Day to Night” is an ongoing global photographic project that visualizes an entire day in one image. Wilkes photographs from a fixed perspective from dawn until night, capturing myriad moments in extraordinary locations around the world. While the Earth rotates on its axis, Wilkes’ camera absorbs the changes in light and color, exploring the space-time continuum within astonishing two-dimensional still photographs.

During the past decade Wilkes has been taking his practice literally out into the world as his focus has shifted from fast-paced cityscapes to the rapidly changing natural world. This recently took him as far away as Iceland, Africa and the wilds of Bella Coola, and British Columbia, where climate change has left the rivers hotter and drier, leading to fewer fish for grizzly bears. Wilkes was recently in Greenland where he worked to capture the historic glacier melt for his newest “Day to Night” photograph.

From capturing cities and natural parks to wildlife and endangered species, it has become the artist’s mission in recent years to extend a heightened and humane awareness of global climate change, particularly its effects on species beyond our own.

The “Day to Night” series began as an expression of a lifelong love affair with New York City — for example, early photographs from the series are a visual celebration of iconic locations, like Coney Island — but soon became more of a historical document as New York continued its furious and perpetual metamorphosis. “As technology evolves along with photography, says Wilkes, photographs not only communicate a deeper meaning of time and memory, but they compose a new narrative of untold stories, creating a timeless window into our world.”