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BAM’s interactive arts showcase Teknopolis™ returns for its fourth year with a program designed to inspire creativity, connect with the future, and embolden a renewed sense of play for all ages. Named for the Greek words Tekne (craft or art) and Polis (ideal city), Teknopolis offers the latest in technology-fueled art and participatory environments. It features work by leading artists and technologists who are pushing the artistic boundaries of VR, AR, mixed reality (MR), 360° films, as well as sensor-based technology and displays. This year’s three-week-long showcase includes 20 highly interactive installations and six 360° films. Artists from 12 countries are presenting their work, which combines art, film, music, and technology, over five levels of the BAM Fisher building. Many of the exhibitions allow participants to interact with the installations directly.
Teknopolis 2020 installations include:
Colors  By COMPAGNIA TPO/ Rossano Monti (Computer Engineer) (Italy)
SMing By Superbe & Dogstudio (Belgium, USA)
Light Pong By David Åhström, Håkan Lidbo, and Max Björverud (Sweden)
Virtual Growth By Lieven van Velthoven (The Netherlands)
ObOrO By Ryo Kishi (Japan) 
Algae: Lux, Aux, Nox  By Marpi Studio (Marpi, Bent Stamnes, Will Atwood) and Looking Glass Factory (USA/New York)
Style Transfer Mirrors By Gene Kogan (USA/New York)
FIGURATION By MASARY Studios (USA/ Massachusetts)
Ghost Sine By Christopher Short (USA/New Mexico)
Singing Tunnels By Max Björverud and Håkan Lidbo (Sweden)
Color Wheel  By Ligaiya Romero and Nick Capezzera Tribeca Film Institute, Interactive Programs (USA, Korea) Ages 9+
Nature Abstraction 2.0 By Matteo Zamagni in collaboration with Marco Martignone (Creative Developer) and Daniel Ben Hur (Sound Artist) (UK) Ages 9+
Half + Half  By Normal (USA/New York) Ages 9+
BOGO By Oculus (USA/Washington)
Star Jam Street – Musical Cleaning Instrument Reverie  By TETSUJIN – AUDIO VISUAL / Tetsuto Takahashi and Maiko Moshimura (Japan)
Beat Blox By Per Holmquist (Artist), Jacob Stenman (Advisor), and Mårten Hedlund (Full stack Developer) (Sweden)
Aerodrums By Richard Lee and Yann Morvan (UK, Ireland)
Doodle Lens By Aidan Wolf (USA/California)
YoPuppet By Hart Woolery (USA/California)
The Free Fall Dancer Directed by Chloé Rochereuil (France) TARGO films
The Overview Effect Directed by Chloé Rochereuil (France) TARGO films
Armonia Directed by Bracey Smith (USA/New York) Tribeca Film Institute, Interactive Programs
Remembering Our Ancestors: Ch’aak’ S’aagi (EAGLE BONE) Director by Tracy Rector (USA/New York) Tribeca Film Institute, Interactive Programs
Spirit Robot Directed by Jonathan Dotse (USA, Ghana) Tribeca Film Institute, Interactive Programs
Out of the Blue Directed by Sophie Ansel (France, Australia) Narrator: Sylvia Earle, Judith Castro Lucero