Photo Credit: Jan Versweyveld

Tickets start at $35.


Ivo van Hove and Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s raw and layered reimagining of Ayn Rand’s novel tells the story of a brilliant architect, Howard Roark, who refuses to compromise his creative vision. Pitted against colleagues who cave to popular and corporate interests, he pursues a relentless quest for individualism—which is tested when he falls in love with a kindred spirit, Dominique Francon.

Jan Versweyveld’s open loft-like set reveals mobile drafting tables, blueprints, pulleys, and moving screens — allowing the set to shift and unfold before the audience’s eyes. In line with the company’s signature voyeuristic style, the egoism, power struggles, and bloody, carnal behavior are all captured via overhead cameras — projecting the action onto an enormous screen that towers over center stage.