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CIM is an exhibition that plays on the notion of the collective: which cultural topographies bind first- and second-generation Ukrainian artists? The word “CIM” means “seven” in Ukrainian, and this exhibition convenes around seven individual experiences through artists working in a wide range of media.

Finding a thread to connect the artists and their practices can sometimes prove to be elusive in group shows. The artists in this show produce work that ranges from the abstract to the representational to the conceptual, from object-based to installation scale work, incorporating drawing, painting, sculpture, and video and sound. Despite this variance, a dialogue bridging the aesthetic, the figurative, the tangible and the intangible is established between the artists and the works chosen for this exhibition by guest curator Roman Hrab.

“It’s exciting to be in an exhibition of fellow artists who are alive, young, and full of next-generation vitality,” said exhibiting artist Maya Hayuk. “It’s one of the most innovative, progressive, and conceptually challenging exhibitions The Ukrainian Museum has ever seen, thanks to the incredible curatorial vision of Roman Hrab and Museum Director Maria Shust. This exhibition also happens to come at a time when our world and the most basic paradigms of ‘reality’ seem to be in a free fall. To celebrate what we’ve accomplished as well as those generations before us gives me peace and hope for the future as simply a human.”