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In the grand tradition of American documentary photography, Tom Arndt‘s Where I Live captures the character of Arndt’s native Minnesota, as well as North Dakota and Montana. He portrays everyday citizens in their coffee shops and soda fountains, their streets, their parks, and at state fairs.

A consistently resourceful street photographer, Arndt captures fleeting gestures and momentary juxtapositions between people and their surroundings, finding in them a sense of emotional or psychological depth. Arndt photographs at traditional American events – a Memorial Day celebration, a demolition derby, an Indian Days event by the Blackfeet Indians of Browning, Montana. In every scene, he distills a purity and humanity in day-to-day life. He captures an elderly WWII veteran by a gravesite in West St. Paul, Minnesota; a young girl marching in the Parade of the Bands in Benson, Minnesota; and demolition derby drivers in New Ulm, Minnesota.

By allowing people’s lives to speak for themselves, Arndt’s photographs reveal the often forgotten moments that build common bridges. He approaches his subjects with honesty and humanity, and what emerges is a portrait of American culture that is at once familiar and surprisingly intimate.