Free admission (all visitors, all hours)

“Vis-A-Vis” is Anthony Philip Fine Art’s first photography exhibition. This exhibit attempts to examine two different but closely aligned outlooks on the world through the coupling of photography by Todd Thomas and Charles Grogg.

Todd Thomas has spent the better part of two decades documenting the man-made environment of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. His work is not to be misconstrued as “ruin porn”; he doesn’t focus on the typical destruction and neglect that is so often part of contemporary urban photography. Instead he is looking at the mechanics of a city by noticing the small things that hold it together, even in the face of time, the elements, and human indifference.

Southern California artist Charles Grogg creates images as a reaction to issues within his personal life. The effort exerted in dealing with emotions such as grief, longing, and anger is substantial, especially when it is considered that he is not attempting to expunge, but rather to live with these feelings. Superficially, he seems to maintain a level of detachment from his subject, yet one can’t help but be struck by the level of engagement the artist has achieved.

Both Thomas and Grogg are concerned with the intervention of objects, whether by natural forces or by conscious effort. And, while one turns his camera outward and the other directly into his psyche, each is dealing with impermanence and the perfection that is to be found in the imperfect.