• $30


Composers Concordance presents “We, the Whole People” on Saturday, November 14th at 7pm EST for a limited, in-person audience at Michiko Studios in New York City. “We, the Whole People” is inspired by a speech Susan B. Anthony gave after her arrest for casting an illegal vote in the 1872 presidential election. Specifically for this concert, eight composers have written new music influenced, directly or indirectly, by Anthony’s speech, the women’s movement in general, and/or the constitutional amendment which guarantees equality for all people.
The CompCord Ensemble premiering these eight works consists of mezzo soprano, trumpet, electric guitar, piano/synthesizer, electric bass, viola da gamba, and drums/percussion.  Featured compositions include We by Gene Pritsker; The New Colossus by Debra Kaye, with text from Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty; and Hallie Quinn Brown by Madelyn Byrne. Tickets will be $30 per person, with an in-person audience maximum of 10 people. Reservations are required, so the first 10 people to buy tickets are the audience. Ticket price includes free drinks.  The concert will also be live-streamed on the Composers Concordance Facebook page.