Photo by Simon Annand
  • $90

Tickets range from $90-$115.


“Timon of Athens” is a play for our times.  Hilarious, satiric, and deeply moving, it explores ingratitude, wealth, and what determines self-worth. Timon lives in a world of opulence, throwing wild parties and lavishing gifts on her friends. But, when she suddenly loses her fortune, almost everyone abandons her. So Timon retreats to a forest, exchanging luxurious gowns for sackcloth, in a powerful journey of self-discovery.

In this production, director Simon Godwin “combines a contemporary eye with a fastidious ear for Shakespeare’s language” (The Guardian). He previously staged “Measure for Measure” at TFANA and now re-imagines his animated and vibrant production of “Timon of Athens” with an American company led by Kathryn Hunter. Mr. Godwin recently directed “Antony and Cleopatra” and “Twelfth Night” (National Theatre), and just succeeded Michael Kahn as artistic director of Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C.

Kathryn Hunter, the internationally recognized Olivier Award winner, plays the role of Timon re-gendered as female. Celebrated as “astonishing,” her performance was first seen in a 2018 production at the Royal Shakespeare Company, also directed by Mr. Godwin. Ms. Hunter, memorable as Puck in TFANA’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” directed by Julie Taymor, has also been acclaimed as King Lear, Juliet, Cleopatra, and Richard III.